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Blueberry juice
  • Blueberry juice


    Blueberries are known to be very rich in antioxidants.

     Our blueberry juice is made with (lots of love, naturally) fresh organic blueberries. So you're drinking a concentrate of concentrated antioxidants. In addition to being very good for your health (see the benefits of antioxidants below), it is also very good for your taste buds, and for your general good mood!

     Our bottles are glass and can be brought back on your next visit! (It's good for the planet and we'll reimburse you $2 per bottle, so it's good for your wallet too!)

    • The benefits of antioxidants

      Everyone talks about antioxidants, but what exactly are they? These are molecules found in several foods, which act directly on the health of our cells. They are also known to attack free radicals, these atoms and molecules produced by the body, which accelerate the aging and degradation of cells.

      Antioxidants are very good for:

      • the heart: They can help prevent cardiovascular diseases, promote healthy arteries and can even lower bad cholesterol levels.
      • the skin: They fight the aging of cells, including those of the skin
      • the eyes: they fight against cellular degeneration and help prevent ocular diseases, such as cataracts for example
      • the body in general: they are known for their role against arthritis, certain cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, etc. Their rejuvenating impact on cells is very beneficial.
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